The Artifact – coming in 2019

A reporter is killed before he can publish a story on arms smuggling; a geologist is murdered when he tries to hand over photographs that will reveal the person behind a secret terrorist network; a dirty bomb sits in a hotel room just blocks from the White House; and a wealthy industrialist implements a plan to harm the west in a way that will be remembered throughout history. These occurrences might have remained unconnected except for the discovery of an artifact – a three-by-three-inch piece of silver that was found at a victim’s residence. In this third novel of the … Continue reading The Artifact – coming in 2019

The Scion – coming in 2019

Mauro Bruno and Elia Donati, surviving numerous attempts on their lives while bringing Duke Rodolfo Rizzo to justice, decide to take a vacation to celebrate and relax. However, not long after they arrive in Paris both men are cleverly framed for murders they didn’t commit, but which they find hard to refute since the killings are captured on a hotel camera security system. With Donati in jail, Bruno is on the run and tries to discover why they’d been framed and who’s behind it. Helping him is a French investigator, Lisette Donais. Together they uncover a web of deceit that … Continue reading The Scion – coming in 2019

The Patriarch – coming in 2019

Milan’s chief prosecutor is killed when his car is pushed off a narrow mountain road; the city’s mayor is shot by an assassin on the steps of his office building; and an abbot and his librarian are killed in a monastery. These murders occurred on the same day and for the same reason: the victims discovered papers that the Vatican and the head of the wealthiest and most powerful family in Italy, who everyone referred to as the patriarch, wanted to keep secret. However, the patriarch has a big problem: the papers he thought were in the briefcase of one … Continue reading The Patriarch – coming in 2019

The Payback – coming in 2019

In this latest Matt Moretti-Han Li novel, the newly formed clandestine organization known as Nemesis is faced with its first challenge just minutes after it’s officially activated by the President of the United States. Their first assignment is to find and retrieve two nuclear weapons, stolen from a former Soviet nuclear arsenal, which have been smuggled into China with the intent of destroying two major cities. Behind this act of terror is a familiar face – Awalmir Afridi, the former leader of the Protectors of Islam, who the US and China assumed to be dead when they decimated the radical … Continue reading The Payback – coming in 2019