The Artifact – coming in 2019

A reporter is killed before he can publish a story on arms smuggling; a geologist is murdered when he tries to hand over photographs that will reveal the person behind a secret terrorist network; a dirty bomb sits in a hotel room just blocks from the White House; and a wealthy industrialist implements a plan to harm the west in a way that will be remembered throughout history. These occurrences might have remained unconnected except for the discovery of an artifact – a three-by-three-inch piece of silver that was found at a victim’s residence. In this third novel of the Mauro Bruno detective series the Italian detective, along with his new partners Elia Donati and Lisette Donais, try and stop an industrialist before he attacks a NATO summit attended by the President of the United States, and sets off a dirty bomb in Washington that will make a large portion of the capital uninhabitable for generations. Although security at both locations at first appear to be invincible, Bruno and his partners soon discover a chink in the armor that has gone unnoticed because of a bribe paid to someone high up in the government. Racing against time to stop these attacks, the three detectives stop in their tracks when they see a massive explosion and fireball, extending two hundred feet in the air, coming from the site of the summit, and learn that the dirty bomb is feet from the fence at the White House.

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