The Patriarch – coming in 2019

Milan’s chief prosecutor is killed when his car is pushed off a narrow mountain road; the city’s mayor is shot by an assassin on the steps of his office building; and an abbot and his librarian are killed in a monastery. These murders occurred on the same day and for the same reason: the victims discovered papers that the Vatican and the head of the wealthiest and most powerful family in Italy, who everyone referred to as the patriarch, wanted to keep secret. However, the patriarch has a big problem: the papers he thought were in the briefcase of one of the victims was missing. That’s what occurred days before Chief inspector Mauro Bruno, whose father was one of the victims, came to Milan to arrange for his father’s funeral. Suspicious by nature, and generally acknowledged within the polizia di stato as being the best detective in Italy, Bruno uncovers clues that lead him to believe that the patriarch is behind these murders and that the proof he needs, and the key to finding the reason behind these killings, rests inside a folder within the Vatican’s secret archives.

In this thriller, Chief Inspector Mauro Bruno, hunted by the patriarch’s men, attempts to stay alive long enough to find out what the patriarch and the Vatican have been hiding for seven centuries, and why a multi-billionaire is willing to risk everything to protect that secret.

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