The Payback – coming in 2019

In this latest Matt Moretti-Han Li novel, the newly formed clandestine organization known as Nemesis is faced with its first challenge just minutes after it’s officially activated by the President of the United States. Their first assignment is to find and retrieve two nuclear weapons, stolen from a former Soviet nuclear arsenal, which have been smuggled into China with the intent of destroying two major cities. Behind this act of terror is a familiar face – Awalmir Afridi, the former leader of the Protectors of Islam, who the US and China assumed to be dead when they decimated the radical terror group in a joint missile attack. Helping Afridi with this act of terror is a wealthy Saudi businessman, and member of the royal family, who bankrolls the operation. The plot thickens when the Saudi government learns of the plan and, fearing reprisal because a member of the royal family paid for the nuclear weapons, warns both the Russians and the Americans. But both have different goals. What follows is a chase across China to get to the weapons first.

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