The Scion – coming in 2019

Mauro Bruno and Elia Donati, surviving numerous attempts on their lives while bringing Duke Rodolfo Rizzo to justice, decide to take a vacation to celebrate and relax. However, not long after they arrive in Paris both men are cleverly framed for murders they didn’t commit, but which they find hard to refute since the killings are captured on a hotel camera security system. With Donati in jail, Bruno is on the run and tries to discover why they’d been framed and who’s behind it. Helping him is a French investigator, Lisette Donais. Together they uncover a web of deceit that involves a Saudi official, the French mafia, a recluse in the wealthiest residential area of Paris, and a suicide in Milan. In this fast-paced thriller Bruno, Donati, and Donais discover that nothing is what it seems, and that the key to vindication rests with unearthing the past.

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