Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes is a combination of updates on future books as well as the author’s messages.

Latest Books Going to Press

The Archivist and The Abductions

I’m excited to announce that I have two new novels that will be out in about a month. Why two? The reason is that, as I was close to completing The Archivist, I thought about a fantastic storyline for the next novel. I never left my laptop and wrote this second novel a day after I completed the first. Therefore, as takes me a year to write and edit a novel, it’s been two years since I last published my last book. Both novel’s manuscripts, The Archivist and The Abductions, now heads to book cover design and also to those who those who will provide me with the final manuscript to examine.  That process usually takes a month.

Below is a preview of both novels.

A snapshot of the plot for The Archivist is that China’s highest ranking military officer has a plan to force the government into naming him his country’s leader. And there’s a strong likelihood he’ll succeed thanks to secret documents written by Mao Zedong. But the General has two problems. He only has copies, which could be discounted as forgeries, and he doesn’t know the exact location of the originals. Soon he discovers that the key to finding them lies with Matt Moretti, an alcoholic ex-Army Ranger currently working as an archivist for the U.S. government. Hunted by the General, a Chinese assassin, European police, and his own government the Archivist is on the run across Europe as he tries to unravel the clues that will reveal Mao’s long kept secret.
In The Abductions, attending a gala, the Presidents of the United States and China disappear after retiring for the night within their heavily guarded palaces inside the Forbidden City. Each room has only one doorway, which is under constant physical, visual, and electronic surveillance, and each has previously undergone intensive examination. Yet during the night each head of state is abducted. Using powerful x-ray equipment to recheck for secret openings in the walls and ceiling, and ground penetrating radar to look deep below the surface of the floor, no secret entrances are discovered. Taking it to the next level, each building is virtually torn apart. Without walls or floors, outside the now non-existent boundaries of the palaces, all that can be seen is hard packed dirt beneath their feet and a thousand soldiers who had been standing guard throughout the night. The question of who abducted the Presidents, and what they want, is soon answered when a video is released on the Internet showing the heads of state dressed orange jumpsuits and kneeling before the flag of The Protectors of Islam. The terrorists threaten that, unless their demands are met within 72 hours, both men will be beheaded live on the Internet. With each country’s intelligence agencies paralyzed by a lack of clues Matt Moretti, and his Chinese counterpart Han Li, decide to work outside their organization’s bureaucracy to find the Presidents. What they discover is a conspiracy at the highest level of government and industry, intent on attaining a singular objective at any cost. As they make progress in learning the whereabouts of the Presidents, they’re ordered arrested for interfering with the investigation. Chased by the army, and trying to make sense of the clues they’ve uncovered, Moretti and Han Li race to find The Presidents in the few remaining hours before their scheduled execution.