Cosmetic Surgery in China

Last week my wife and I were having dinner with two good friends of ours, Dr. Charles Pappas and his lovely wife Aprille. Charlie is a retired surgeon extraordinaire who was one of the best on the planet for cosmetic surgery. During dinner I started talking, as I often do, about China. At this point I usually find that people want to either hear about China or they don’t. If they don’t, my beautiful wife Kerry will usually give me a gentle nudge in the ribs – nothing broken. Charlie, however, can’t seem to get enough information on China. Therefore, … Continue reading Cosmetic Surgery in China

The Evolution of Chinese Language and Characters

The Chinese character is the oldest continually used system of writing in the world, its early use dating back almost 5,000 years. Since that time it’s gone through a long period of transformation before it evolved into its present day form. For most of us, a Chinese character is indecipherable, its appearance more akin to a Rorschach test than the written word. Nevertheless, it’s evolved into the basis for a language that’s used by one-quarter of the world’s population. Perhaps the earliest documented use of Chinese characters are the oracle bone inscriptions. Oracle bones are pieces of shell or bone … Continue reading The Evolution of Chinese Language and Characters

Dealing with China

This morning, as I was sitting down to write a blog, I intended to give my thoughts on negotiating with the Chinese – always a fun subject. I didn’t have to look far for source material as all I had to do was examine one of the many scars on my back to recall what worked and what didn’t work at the negotiating table. However, as I started to write that blog a good friend of mine called and asked for my advice on working with the Chinese. He’s a sophisticated investor, has invested globally, and has spent the last … Continue reading Dealing with China