1. The Organization 
  2. The Frame
  3. The Arrangement
  4. The Defector

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Preview of The Organization:

A military drone attacks a small boat off Bali and leaves a disgraced former police detective turned private investigator adrift in the Indian Ocean; an Indonesian attorney is tortured and killed delivering his client’s documents; the head of North Korea’s money-laundering clearinghouse is murdered when his car is forced off a mountain road; a Chinese army lieutenant colonel appears to die of a heart attack while on a flight to Beijing; and a server is taken from what is believed to be an impregnable office on the 101st floor of a building. These are the events that Gunter Wayan and his assistant Eka Endah must piece together if they are to stay alive and solve the mystery handed to them by a client who was on the receiving end of a sniper’s bullet moments after they were hired. Now, whoever killed their client is after them. But Wayan and Eka have no intention of going down without a fight and decide to take the battle to their pursuer. Bodies soon pile up in Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, and North Korea. As the forces that are after them close in, Wayan encounters an unlikely person who can provide the information necessary to bring down The Organization, the international money-laundering enterprise which they discover is after them. The only problem with convincing this person to help is that she just tried to kill them.  

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Preview of The Frame:

An Italian shipbuilding magnate and a prostitute are found dead beside each other in the bedroom of a luxurious mansion at a famous resort in Bali. A hidden security camera shows the only other person to enter that room was the victim’s ex-wife, the resort manager. When the police discover she volunteered to help room service at the last minute and delivered the food, which the autopsy confirmed contained the poison which killed them, she moves to the top of the suspect list. As if to put a cherry on their case, the police find a bottle of that poison in her purse. Turning to the only person she believes can help, the accused murderess asks Gunter Wayan, a disgraced former police detective turned private investigator, to take the case. Believing it to be a waste of time, given the pile of evidence against her, he grudgingly accepts. However, as he delves further into the evidence, he finds that perception is not reality.  

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Preview of The Arrangement:

Iran’s leadership decides to resolve their conflict with Israel once and for all. Constructing a secret launch facility outside the country to plausibly deny the attack, they purchased five North Korean ICBMs, each carrying four MIRV nuclear warheads. The key to their strike is a chink in the Israeli air defense system, which will allow them to take down the country’s missile shields, making Israel defenseless. The NSA and Mossad have pieced together a part of the plot and are putting everything they have into finding the ICBMs. Even though they’re narrowing down the location of the launch site, it’s apparent they’re looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack because the area is so vast. When their missile defense shields go down, Israel knows an attack is imminent and braces for the worst-the impact of twenty nuclear warheads that will destroy its major cities, its economy, and kill millions. In this latest Gunter Wayan and Eka Endah novel, the two private investigators unwittingly find themselves in the middle of this conflict, discovering they’re the key to Israel’s survival.

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Preview of The Defector:

Gunter Wayan is again in over his head, accepting an assignment from the Indonesian Minister of Defense that sends him, Eka, and Persik to Russia to rescue a defecting scientist and his wife from the FSB. Before they leave, the Minister makes clear that if they’re captured, the government will deny any involvement and say they acted alone rather than create a diplomatic incident. The defector, a Ukrainian scientist on the brink of achieving the holy grail of camouflage technology, which is making a moving object invisible, was kidnapped from his lab near Odesa and brought to a facility in downtown Moscow. To motivate the scientist to complete his work, his wife is taken to Oymyakon, the coldest inhabited settlement on earth, and placed under FSB guard. If he’s unsuccessful in delivering the technology, she’ll live the remainder of her life there without him. With the Indonesian embassy across the street from his lab, the scientist finds a way to communicate with an official, offering his technology in exchange for getting him and his wife out of the country.

To accomplish this nearly impossible task, Wayan decides they’ll first rescue the wife from the Siberian settlement, which has no airport and is a fourteen-hour drive over snow-covered roads from the nearest town, then evade capture on their thirty-three hundred mile trek across the Russian Federation to retrieve the scientist. As if things couldn’t get more complicated, soon after entering the country, they learn that the Minister’s plan for getting the couple out of Russia has fallen through and that once they rescue the couple, it’s up to them to find a way to get them out of a country which has the tightest border security in the world.



  1. The Patriarch 
  2. The Scion 
  3. The Artifact 
  4. The Mistress

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Preview of The Patriarch:

 Milan’s chief prosecutor is killed when his car is pushed off a narrow mountain road; the city’s mayor is shot by an assassin on the steps of his office building; and an abbot and his librarian are killed in a monastery. This occurred days before Chief Inspector Mauro Bruno, whose father was one of the victims, came to Milan to arrange for the funeral. Suspicious by nature, and generally acknowledged within the polizia di stato as being the best detective in Italy, Bruno uncovers clues that lead him to believe that a man known throughout Italy as the patriarch, the head of the wealthiest and most powerful family in the country, is behind these murders. But he needs proof. He soon discovers that that the reason for these killings resides within centuries-old papers stored within the Vatican’s secret archives, to which only the pope has access. Hunted by the patriarch’s men, Bruno attempts to stay alive long enough to find out what the patriarch and the Vatican have been hiding for seven centuries, and why a multi-billionaire is willing to risk everything to protect that secret. 

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Preview of The Scion:

 Detectives Mauro Bruno and Elia Donati, surviving numerous attempts on their lives while bringing Duke Rodolfo Rizzo to justice, decide to take a vacation in Paris to celebrate and relax. However, not long after they arrive Donati is cleverly framed for a murder that he finds impossible to refute since the killing was captured on the hotel’s camera security system. With Donati in jail, Bruno tries to discover why his friend has been framed and who’s behind it. Helping him is a French investigator, Lisette Donais. Not long after, Bruno is also framed for murder. While on the run, he and Donais uncover a web of deceit that involves a Saudi official, the French mafia, a recluse in the wealthiest residential area of Paris, and a suicide in Milan that started this chain of events. As he delves deeper into this mystery, Bruno discovers that the key to vindication is in his past.  

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Preview of The Artifact:

 A reporter is killed before he can publish a story on arms smuggling; a geologist is murdered when he tries to hand over photographs that will reveal the person behind a secret terrorist network; a dirty bomb sits in a hotel room just blocks from the White House. The person behind this, a wealthy industrialist, wants to harm the west in a way that will be remembered throughout history. His plans might have gone unnoticed and unconnected to other events if not for the discovery of an artifact – a three-by-three-inch piece of silver that was found at a victim’s residence. In this third novel of the Mauro Bruno detective series, the Italian detective and his new partners, Elia Donati and Lisette Donais, try and stop an attack on the NATO summit in Rome that’s to be attended by the President of the United States and two other world leaders, while simultaneously trying to prevent a dirty bomb from making large portion of Washington uninhabitable for generations.

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Preview of The Mistress:

Mauro Bruno receives a mysterious envelope containing a letter he wrote to his wife twenty-five years ago on the day she was murdered. The letter was stolen by the killer, who was never caught. The desiccated body of a woman is discovered during repairs in the president of Italy’s office, his knife lying beside her. For over two decades a Mafia chieftain has been grooming a government official, killing anyone standing in the way of his progression within the ranks of government. Now running for president, the chieftain’s protégé is neck and neck with the current president, his victory assuring the Mafia will have a grip on the country for at least the next decade. These are the events that confront BD&D investigations who have been hired by Dante Acardi, the deputy head of the Polizia di Stato, to find the murderer of this mysterious woman whose fingerprints don’t exist within any EU database. But soon after starting their investigation, finding her identity takes second place to staying alive after they get an inkling who she was. Digging into the woman’s background, Bruno discovers that she and his late wife had something in common, which ultimately led to their deaths.

In this latest Bruno, Donati, and Donais novel the three investigators find themselves pitted against the Mafia, the president’s political rival, and an assassin who has never failed to deliver on a contract – all wanting them dead before they can unravel the mystery of the dead woman.

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Preview of The Collector:

For only the fourth time in two centuries, the French have allowed the Mona Lisa to leave the Louvre, this time at the request of the pope, who wants to exhibit it in the Vatican Museums. However, once on display, the Museums’ former curator notices a nearly imperceptible discrepancy in the painting, leading to the discovery that it’s a forgery. Faced with the crisis of losing the most valuable painting in the world, the pope turns to Mauro Bruno and his associates, who’d previously performed discrete investigations for the Vatican.

As they begin, Bruno and his colleagues try to understand how the world’s most famous painting, which is kept inside an alarmed environmental enclosure fifteen feet from the nearest person and under constant visual and physical surveillance, could be stolen. Even in transit to the Vatican, it was under continual visual monitoring with a security team inches from the masterpiece’s enclosure, leaving the investigators bewildered about how a theft could have occurred. However, they soon learn that the Mona Lisa is one of many heavily guarded museum masterpieces that have been stolen and replaced with a forgery, the thefts having gone unreported.

With only two weeks before da Vinci’s masterpiece returns to France, and not having a clue as to the identity of the mysterious person they call the Collector, they must find and retrieve the Mona Lisa.



  1. The Archivist 
  2. The Abductions 
  3. The Payback
  4. The Forgotten 
  5. The Cabal
  6. The Chase

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Preview of The Archivist:

General Lin Bogang, China’s highest-ranking military officer, has a plan that will force the government into naming him his country’s leader. And there’s a strong likelihood hell succeed, thanks to secret documents written by Mao Zedong. The general has two problems. He only has copies, which could be discounted as forgeries, and he doesn’t know the exact location of the originals. Soon he discovers that the key to finding them lies with Matt Moretti, an alcoholic former Army Ranger currently working as an archivist for the US government. Hunted by the general, a Chinese assassin, European police, and his own government, the archivist goes on the run across Europe as he tries to unravel the clues that will reveal Mao’s long-kept secret. Along the way he meets Han Li, a beautiful Chinese agent and assassin in her own right who is also seeking the original documents. Only time will tell, however, whether they will manage to keep them out of the hands of the general. In this thriller, an alcoholic former Army Ranger joins forces with China’s top assassin to recover secret documents that could topple the Chinese government.  

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Preview of The Abductions

Following a gala, the presidents of the United States and China disappear after retiring for the night within their heavily guarded palaces inside the Forbidden City. After an intense investigation ensues, no one can determine how the dignitaries were abducted while under constant surveillance. When an internet video is released that shows the heads of state kneeling before the flag of the Protectors of Islam, the question of who abducted them and what they want is answered. The Islamic terrorists threaten that unless their demands are met within seventy-two hours, both men will be beheaded live on the internet. With each country’s intelligence agencies paralyzed by a lack of clues, Matt Moretti and his Chinese agent counterpart, Han Li, work outside their organizations bureaucracies to find the leaders. After they uncover a conspiracy focused on attaining a singular objective at any cost, Moretti and Li are arrested for interfering with the investigation. Now they must outrun the army, make sense of complex clues, and race to find the presidents before their abductors carry out their evil plan. In this thrilling story of intrigue and murder, an American civilian intelligence officer and Chinese agent must do everything in their power to stop the beheading of two international leaders by Islamic terrorists.  


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Preview of The Payback:

In this latest Matt Moretti-Han Li thriller the clandestine unit known as Nemesis, a joint Chinese-American off-the-books organization, is faced with its first challenge just minutes after it’s activated by the presidents of the United States and China. Their first assignment is to find and retrieve two aging Soviet nuclear weapons that were smuggled into China to destroy its major cities and are on a countdown to detonation. They soon learn that the face behind this act of terror is Awalmir Afridi, the former leader of the Protectors of Islam, who the world believed to be dead following a US and China cruise missile attack that decimated his strongholds. Helping Afridi is a wealthy Saudi businessman and member of the royal family. When the Saudi government discovers what’s happening, they fear the retribution that would follow. Lacking the resources to retrieve the weapons on their own, they inform the Russian and Chinese governments separately that they’ve uncovered a terrorist plot to smuggle former Soviet nuclear devices into China. Because China is economically critical to Russia, Putin is determined to retrieve the weapons and deny that former Soviet nuclear devices were ever held by terrorists. To accomplish this, he sends a war-hardened colonel, Vasily Kvachkov, to do whatever it takes to get them back from fanatics who’d rather die than surrender them. The problem is, he no idea where they are. As Kvachkov and his men covertly enter China, President Liu of China turns to Nemesis to retrieve the nuclear devices, thereby unknowingly placing them on a collision course with a Russian colonel who has a reputation for never coming in second.    


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Preview of The Forgotten:

 A young girl escapes her kidnappers; the US embassy compound in Athens comes under a devastating missile attack; a U.S. Navy amphibious carrier, returning from a goodwill tour, engages hostile aircraft over the Adriatic Sea; and an abandoned Soviet submarine base in Bulgaria is secretly refurbished. These are the seemingly unrelated pieces of a puzzle that Matt Moretti and Han Li encountered while on vacation. It started innocently enough when the two agents from the off the books White House organization known as Nemesis were walking back from dinner and saw a young girl being chased by three thugs. After dispensing their own brand of justice on her pursuers, and on hearing that she and others like her were kidnapped and being sold into slavery, they decide to get involved. However, they soon find that the tables have been turned and they’re being pursued by someone with seemingly limitless resources. Needing to stay alive long enough to take down the human traffickers, they receive help from where they least expect it.


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The Cabal: A Matt Moretti and Han Li Thriller by [Alan Refkin]

Preview of The Cabal:

The Cabal has secretly expanded its grip on world economies, governments, corporations, and other centers of influence for decades. Founded by a mysterious person known as the thin man, its goal is to create a new world order—an authoritarian and borderless world under one government. With its members in strategic positions within global technology and social media companies, senior government positions, and enormous investment funds, they’ve pushed its narrative to billions of users until their beliefs have become mainstream.

Those within the Cabal don’t want to change the world for altruistic or egalitarian reasons. Instead, they want to establish perpetual global monopolies that would ensure extreme generational wealth while advocating that centralized government control creates greater economic stability, ratchets down global tensions, and establishes a society of equals. Standing in the way of this seemingly unstoppable juggernaut is Nemesis, an ultra-secret off-the-books organization that doesn’t follow a rulebook.

In this latest Matt Moretti-Han Li thriller, when the Cabal discovers Nemesis is after them, it uses its considerable global influence and piles of cash to frame them as terrorists. Hunted by several governments, including their own, and with time running out, they must stop the Cabal before it initiates a world-unifying event that will forge its global consolidation of power and create a new world order.


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Preview of The Chase:

Lieutenant Colonel Doug Cray, the leader of a presidential special ops team, hasn’t been on vacation in years. Recovering from an assassin’s bullet, he decides that taking a cruise down the Amazon River would fulfill his childhood dream of seeing the rainforest and provide a much-needed rest. However, the thin man, who hired the assassin, isn’t going to give up on killing him. After learning that Cray is taking an Amazon cruise, he bribes a corrupt Brazilian Army colonel to shoot down the floatplane taking him to the ship. Although that succeeds, and he’s presumed dead, the thin man wants a photo of the body as proof. However, the only way to get that is for the Brazilian colonel to send his military death squad into the jungle to get a picture of the corpse or put a bullet into the ex-Army Ranger if he somehow miraculously survived. There’s one problem: the coordinates of where the plane went down show it’s in the Javari Valley-the most unexplored area on the planet for which no map exists, headhunters roam with abandon, and the dense jungle canopy blocks all communications and navigational data. Unable to contact his special ops team in Washington, who have vowed to leave him alone, believing he’s having a great time sucking down drinks and eating gourmet meals on the luxury ship, Cray knows he’s living on borrowed time after seeing his badly infected wound and unable to find his way out of the unmapped valley. As if things couldn’t get worse, the military squad finally finds him, and the chase ensues. In this latest Matt Moretti-Han Li thriller, Cray must get out of the most hostile jungle on the planet while being chased by an experienced military death squad and battling an infection rapidly spreading through his body.



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Piercing the Great Wall of Corporate China China has historically cut itself off from interaction with the global business community for all but the last thirty-eight years. During this isolation, Chinese society and businesses developed their own morality, ethics, cultural leanings, and business practices. Philosophically, culturally, and business-wise Chinese companies operate on a different plane than businesses in other areas of the world. As a result, the methodology of performing forensic due diligence in China can vary widely from that performed in other countries. Forensic due diligence in China is challenging and requires a comprehensive knowledge of the country’s complex accounting, legal, and business issues. Alan Refkin and David Dodge will provide you with the tools necessary to delve deep into the business and financial fabric of corporate China, allowing readers to pierce the wall of secrecy surrounding Chinese businesses.   Conducting Business in the Land of the Dragon: What Every Businessperson Need… What Every Businessperson Needs to Know about China by Alan Refkin China is as tough a business environment as you’ll experience anywhere in the world, remaining one of the most complicated places to do business. Just ask all the company executives and entrepreneurs who’ve tried to do business there, lost money, and closed shop. They learned the hard way that success elsewhere doesn’t always lead to riches in China. Alan Refkin and Scott Cray, with Thornhill Capital, have spent years doing business in China, and they have a long-term track record of helping companies navigate the complicated business terrain. In this, their new guide, they share their intimate knowledge of how business is conducted in China. They explore the intricacies of how the Chinese negotiate, discuss ways to better protect yourself from the increased threat of cyberespionage and the theft of your intellectual property, show you how to litigate if necessary, take you through what’s needed to successfully interact with government officials, and demonstrate how you can be successful and reap the financial rewards from conducting business in China. Being successful in China is not an accident. What separates the thriving businessperson from those who abandon the country and their dreams for success is preparation. Get the information and tools you need to accomplish your goals, dominate, and win with Conducting Business in the Land of the Dragon. “Conducting Business in the Land of the Dragon is a keen twenty-first-century guide to China and makes excellent reading for both experienced Sinophiles and China novices . . . Everyone will learn from Alan’s fascinating experiences and understanding of China, its people, its culture, and its future” -John Lucas, director, Weinberg & Company “You’ll never find a better guide to take you through the reality of conducting business in China. Period” -Jose F. Sada, president of DS Capital Partners   Doing the China Tango: How to Dance Around Common Pitfalls in Chinese Busines… Winning in China requires time, commitment, and knowledge. Conducting business as usual is not how to accomplish objectives.   The Wild, Wild East: Lessons For Success In Business In Contemporary Capitali… Anyone who wants to do business in China must understand its customs, people, and culture. Just because its economy is exploding doesn’t mean that anyone can go there and make a fortune. In fact, business practices are still deeply rooted in ancient cultural traditions. A Western businessperson who wants to succeed must understand all the rules-even the ones that aren’t written down. Join Alan Refkin, an American financier, as he takes a Chinese company through a painstaking process so it can be publicly listed on the U.S. capital markets. He learns how to do business in China the hard way, and now he shares his secrets so capitalists can navigate its contemporary terrain. You will learn why, in China, it’s all about the money; how to assemble deals in China; how to close the deal when working with the Chinese; and much more! The names of the firms and individuals have been changed, but the story and lessons in this business guidebook are completely true. Join an American businessman as he seeks to make his fortune in The Wild, Wild East.  

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