Behind the Scenes

This page is a combination of the author’s messages and updates on future books. 

Coming Soon The Cabal and The Chase

My next two novels, The Cabal and The Chase, will be published in the fourth quarter of this year. Both are Matt Moretti-Han Li thrillers, which I wrote back-to-back because I couldn’t stop writing. When this occurs, as it has in my previous works at one point or another, it’s as if the characters are writing the manuscript, and I’m along for the ride. That also means that the finished narrative didn’t follow my original plotline; my characters created a much more imaginative storyline than I originally planned. Below is a synopsis of these two novels.

The Cabal

The Cabal has secretly expanded its grip on world economies, governments, corporations, and other centers of influence for decades. Founded by a person referred to as the thin man, its goal was to establish an authoritarian and borderless world with one government, creating a new world order. To achieve this, it patiently precipitated economic, political, and military events designed to influence national and international policies and opinions in such a way that what it was trying to accomplish would appear mainstream rather than radical. Its members worked closely with technology and social media companies in this endeavor, pushing their narrative to billions of users. Those within the Cabal didn’t want to change the world for altruistic or Egalitarian reasons. Instead, they did it to establish perpetual global monopolies that would generate extreme generational wealth while feeding placebos to the masses that centralized control established greater economic stability, ratcheted down global tensions, and created a society of equals. Standing in the way of this seemingly unstoppable juggernaut is Nemesis, an ultra-secret off-the-books organization that didn’t follow any rulebook to accomplish its objectives.
In this latest Matt Moretti-Han Li thriller, when the Cabal discovers Nemesis is on to them, it uses its considerable global influence and piles of cash to frame them as terrorists. Hunted by several governments, including their own, and with time running out, Nemesis must stop the Cabal before it initiates a world-unifying event that will complete its global consolidation of power and create a new world order.

The Chase

Lieutenant Colonel Doug Cray hasn’t been on vacation in years. Recovering from an assassin’s bullet, he decides that taking a cruise down the Amazon River would fulfill his childhood dream of seeing the rainforest bordering it and provide much-needed rest. However, the thin man, who hired the assassin who nearly killed him, still wants Cray in the ground. After finding out his target is taking an Amazon cruise, he pays a corrupt Brazilian colonel to send his death squad after him with instructions that Cray never leaves the rainforest alive. That plan seems to have succeeded when the ex-army Ranger becomes stranded in the Javari Valley—the most unexplored area on the planet for which no map exists and headhunters roam with abandon. Without so much as a pocketknife or a bottle of water, Cray must find his way out of this area where everything that walks, slithers, or swims wants to make him a part of their diet. To make matters worse, the thin man wants a photo of his body, meaning the death squad can’t assume the jungle will kill him. Instead, they continue their chase until they get their photograph by either finding his body or putting a bullet into it.
While Cray is running for his life, his fellow team members in Washington think he’s having a great time sucking down drinks and being pampered on his luxury cruise. Not wanting to disturb their friend, they leave him alone—not that calling his satphone would have done any good, the dense jungle canopy preventing all communication with the outside world.
In this latest Matt Moretti-Han Li novel, Cray must survive in the most dangerous jungle on the planet while avoiding the military unit chasing him and the area’s headhunters, who lop off the heads of all intruders.