Review from my up and coming new book…

I have been working diligently on my new book, “Doing the China Tango II”, for sometime now. It gives me great pleasure when I read quotes such as this from my esteemed colleagues to  know that I am helping people in so many ways, take a look.

“Had I met Alan Refkin earlier in the process I might have been better prepared to swim in China’s great white infested waters.

After working with and learning from Alan, I came to recognize it is possible to do business in China, but only with the intrepid guidance of a grizzled veteran of the China business world.

Consider “Doing the China Tango” your personal survival guide for doing business in China. Don’t read it. Study it, and use what you have learned.

Had the aggressive investment bankers of the last 10 years studied “Doing the China Tango”, a great deal of emotional and financial pain might easily have been avoided.”

– Larry Isen, Editor and Publisher,

Stay tuned for more on my new book and it’s release date, it is full of more important information you will definitely want to read!

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