The Mistress – Now Available!

The fourth novel in the Mauro Bruno Detective Series is now in print and available. Below is a preview of The Mistress: Mauro Bruno receives a mysterious envelope containing a letter he wrote to his wife twenty-five years ago on the day she was murdered. The letter was stolen by the killer, who was never caught. The desiccated body of a woman is discovered during repairs in the president of Italy’s office, his knife lying beside her. For over two decades a Mafia chieftain has been grooming a government official, killing anyone standing in the way of his progression within the ranks of government. Now running for president, the chieftain’s protégé is neck and neck with the current president, his victory assuring the Mafia will have a grip on the country for at least the next decade. These are the events that confront BD&D investigations who have been hired by Dante Acardi, the deputy head of the Polizia di Stato, to find the murderer of this mysterious woman whose fingerprints don’t exist within any EU database. But soon after starting their investigation, finding her identity takes second place to staying alive after they get an inkling who she was. Digging into the woman’s background, Bruno discovers that she and his late wife had something in common, which ultimately led to their deaths.

In this latest Bruno, Donati, and Donais novel the three investigators find themselves pitted against the Mafia, the president’s political rival, and an assassin who has never failed to deliver on a contract – all wanting them dead before they can unravel the mystery of the dead woman.

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