The Chase: A Matt Moretti & Han Li Thriller

The Chase is the sixth book in Matt Moretti-Han Li Series and takes place almost entirely in the Amazon jungle. 

Preview of The Chase:

Lieutenant Colonel Doug Cray, the leader of a presidential special ops team, hasn’t been on vacation in years. Recovering from an assassin’s bullet, he decides that taking a cruise down the Amazon River would fulfill his childhood dream of seeing the rainforest and provide a much-needed rest. However, the thin man, who hired the assassin, isn’t going to give up on killing him. After learning that Cray is taking an Amazon cruise, he bribes a corrupt Brazilian Army colonel to shoot down the floatplane taking him to the ship. Although that succeeds, and he’s presumed dead, the thin man wants a photo of the body as proof. However, the only way to get that is for the Brazilian colonel to send his military death squad into the jungle to get a picture of the corpse or put a bullet into the ex-Army Ranger if he somehow miraculously survived. There’s one problem: the coordinates of where the plane went down show it’s in the Javari Valley-the most unexplored area on the planet for which no map exists, headhunters roam with abandon, and the dense jungle canopy blocks all communications and navigational data. Unable to contact his special ops team in Washington, who have vowed to leave him alone, believing he’s having a great time sucking down drinks and eating gourmet meals on the luxury ship, Cray knows he’s living on borrowed time after seeing his badly infected wound and unable to find his way out of the unmapped valley. As if things couldn’t get worse, the military squad finally finds him, and the chase ensues. In this latest Matt Moretti-Han Li thriller, Cray must get out of the most hostile jungle on the planet while being chased by an experienced military death squad and battling an infection rapidly spreading through his body.

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