My future books

My partner Dave Dodge and I have been diligently working on our new book, which will be my first collaborative effort with Dave, and my fourth published book. The book has the working title of Piercing the Great Wall of Corporate China: How to Perform Forensic Due Diligence on Chinese Companies. We hope to get this book published by the early part of next year Dave is an excellent writer in his own right and has the amazing ability to explain the complicated in language that anyone can understand. Not many CPAs can accomplish this, especially when discussing forensic accounting. Therefore, don’t let the title of the book scare you, it’s written in such a way that almost anyone can pick it up and learn how to really evaluate a Chinese company. Most corporate joint ventures in China fail because one or both sides don’t know what they’re getting into. When expectations are misaligned, joint ventures fail. What we’ll show you is how to thoroughly evaluate your Chinese partner so that you can make the best possible decisions.

Next year my focus for a short time has expanded to include the writing of my first two works of fiction. One of them will incorporate some aspects of ancient China, while the other will initially take place in the U.S. I will again be published by iUniverse which is owned by Pearson Publishing. My business postings won’t stop during the writing of these two books as I’ll still publish my bi-weekly Thornhill Capital blogs along with my monthly newsletter. Of course, my bi-weekly author blogs will continue unabated.

The reason I’m writing these fiction books is that a number of years ago I wrote some works of fiction but didn’t have enough time to entirely complete them to my satisfaction. I have that time now and I’m excited to get these re-started and have my great editing team evaluate the books and give me their critiques.  Stay tuned.

Alan Refkin


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