The Frame, the second fiction novel of the Gunter Wayan Series

An Italian shipbuilding magnate and a prostitute are found dead beside each other in the bedroom of a luxurious mansion at a famous resort in Bali. A hidden security camera shows the only other person to enter that room was the victim’s ex-wife, the resort manager. When the police discover she volunteered to help room service at the last minute and delivered the food, which the autopsy confirmed contained the poison which killed them, she moves to the top of the suspect list. As if to put a cherry on their case, the police find a bottle of that poison in her purse. Turning to the only person she believes can help, the accused murderess asks Gunter Wayan, a disgraced former police detective turned private investigator, to take the case. Believing it to be a waste of time, given the pile of evidence against her, he grudgingly accepts. However, as he delves further into the evidence, he finds that perception is not reality.  


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