The Arrangement

The Arrangement: A Gunter Wayan Private Investigator Thriller – Now Available!

Iran’s leadership decides to resolve their conflict with Israel once and for all. Constructing a secret launch facility outside the country to plausibly deny the attack, they purchased five North Korean ICBMs, each carrying four MIRV nuclear warheads. The key to their strike is a chink in the Israeli air defense system, which will allow them to take down the country’s missile shields, making Israel defenseless. The NSA and Mossad have pieced together a part of the plot and are putting everything they have into finding the ICBMs. Even though they’re narrowing down the location of the launch site, it’s apparent they’re looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack because the area is so vast. When their missile defense shields go down, Israel knows an attack is imminent and braces for the worst-the impact of twenty nuclear warheads that will destroy its major cities, its economy, and kill millions. In this latest Gunter Wayan and Eka Endah novel, the two private investigators unwittingly find themselves in the middle of this conflict, discovering they’re the key to Israel’s survival.

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    1. Thanks, Shirley! I’ll send you a signed book for being such an avid reader of my books. Enjoy the read. Alan

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