The relationship between Matt Moretti and Han Li

As you know from The Archivist, Matt Moretti was a decorated former Army Ranger who, injured in a helicopter crash, was forced to leave the job he loved. A mental wreck, he became an alcoholic and went to work only so that he could pay the bills and afford the enormous amount of scotch that he was determined to consume to forget what he’d lost. Han Li, in contrast, was a dedicated assassin who killed for the Chinese government without questioning the “why” of the assignment. They were complete opposites – the ideologue assassin and the alcoholic former Army Ranger. … Continue reading The relationship between Matt Moretti and Han Li

The Abductions

The Abductions is the sequel, and the second book in the Matt Moretti and Han Li Series. This novel differs from its predecessor in that Matt Moretti and Han Li have been asked by their respective governments to work together to find out why Wang Lei, a Chinese defense contractor and die-hard nationalist, has built an enormous stockpile of cruise missiles, seemingly without the government’s knowledge. President Ballinger tells this to Matt Moretti as they’re on their way to Beijing to attend the gala celebrating the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City. The president also tells him that he’s spoken … Continue reading The Abductions

The Archivist

Hot off the press, The Archivist is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and approximately twenty other e-commerce sites in hardcover, softcover and e-book formats.     Below is a preview of the first chapter. Enjoy!     CHAPTER 1   The footsteps were getting closer. They weren’t the fast-paced tempo of someone running. Instead, the pursuer had a methodical pace, which echoed down the moist cobblestone streets. Yesterday she wouldn’t have given these footsteps a second thought. Yesterday her life had been different. She stopped and listened. A moment later, there was only silence. Then it dawned on … Continue reading The Archivist